Steve McCurry & Jacob Cohën


Milan, mai 2016. Jacob COHËN, la marque de denim de luxe produite et distribuée par Giada Spa, soutient la « YOUNG WOMEN’S PHOTOGRAPHY INITIATIVE », un projet de l’association ImagineAsia sans but lucratif, fondée par le grand maître américain de la photographie Steve McCurry , créateur de la dernière campagne de publicité pour la marque.

Milan, May 2016. Jacob Cohën, the luxury denim brand produced and distributed by Giada Spa, supports the “Young Women’s Photography Initiative”, a project of the not-for-profit association ImagineAsia, founded by the great American master of photography Steve McCurry, creator of the latest advertising campaign for the brand.

“My life has been shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport”. 
Steve McCurry

The project has the objective of giving female Afghan students from the Bamiyan region the opportunity to take courses in photography to document their daily life, and to furnish them with the means to create art through a new way to “see” their community. A photojournalism project that is at first glance simple but in reality is revolutionary: to give life to images with universal themes in a country long immersed in conflict, where many rights are still denied to women. The images produced finally give them back a powerful voice and reveal emotions, strength, hope.
Sensitive to themes of social solidarity, Jacob Cohën has decided to support the Young Women’s Photography Initiative by creating an iconic jacket Limited Edition dedicated to Steve McCurry. An exclusive garment created in washed, treated  and waxed leather in three colours (blue, ochre, leather light brown) – whose inside lining is printed with an image of an elderly man of the Rabari community, taken in India in 2010 by the famous American photographer.
The concept is linked to a curiosity since it is part of the project “The Last Roll”, that saw Steve McCurry involved in shooting 36 photographs using the last roll of Kodak Kodachrome produced the Kodak company. This type of film had great success in the 1970’s but later in the 1980’s endured competition from other colour films which lead to the end of its production. This last roll was given to McCurry to create a “gallery” of personalities, the research for which gave rise to the documentary “The Last Roll”.
Proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Jacket by Jacob Cohën, which will be available starting in F/W in brand flagship stores and important international multi-brands, will go to the association ImagineAsia to finance courses and photographic material.
Marco Tiburzi, Director of Marketing and Sales of Jacob Cohën, has “re-read” some notes taken from travel diaries written jointly with Steve McCurry: “with the latest advertising projects, we wanted to give continuity to the concept of “travel” as a true life experience, as emotion and passion for what surrounds us. Physical journeys that in reality lead us on the more intense and mysterious journey that has accompanied humanity since the beginning of its history. A journey, therefore, in search of self, of one’s own identity. The same passion the masterful Steve McCurry uses in interpreting his famous works, has also been able to best capture and express the philosophy of a Brand like Jacob Cohën that puts the human element at the visual centre. In the same way, we were enthusiastic about the idea to be able to contribute in part to the Young Women’s Initiative, the project that seeks to give voice to Afghan female students through photography, allowing them to create a personal, knowledgeable vision of that which surrounds them”.

The mission of the not-for-profit organisation ImagineAsia is to continue to operate in partnership with leaders in the local communities and regional NGO’s to furnish educational resources and opportunities for Afghan children. Since its foundation, ImagineAsia has furnished thousands of textbooks to hospitals and medical schools in Kabul and Peshawar in Pakistan, donated books to the English literature department at Herat, founded and supported a school for refugee children and their mothers and two girls’ schools in Kabul. Bonnie McCurry V’Soske, teacher and sister of founder Steve McCurry, manages the organisation. Sharing a profound love for Afghanistan, during her travels Bonnie McCurry V’Soske has taught high school girls, supported numerous scholastic initiatives and founded the Young Women’s Photography Initiative. Info:

Jacob Cohën – produced & distributed by Giada Spa