Cabin comfort in perfect proximity


Forever seeking quality experiences, BIGBOOK is proud to exclusively present a hidden holiday secret, closer to the bustle of Brussels than you might think.

Nestled lakeside among overhanging trees, a mere 25 minutes by car from the centre of Brussels, you will soon find the latest member of the Gardens of Aromates family - a unique one-night-only retreat aimed at those seeking a moment of silence with a background of birdsong.  La Cabane de Poupette offers its guests all the amenities of a luxury bed and breakfast, framed by a warm atmosphere of a roaring fireplace and an intimate waterside terrace. As the fourth in line, following the success of sister locations Le Palais de Plume, The Classic Domain and Le Grand Salon, the cabin promises an unforgettable overnight experience of solitude and solace - whether it be a Saturday surprise or a mid-week getaway. As they say, it’s the early birds that get the worm so make sure to book quickly to ensure your preferred dates…

For reservations contact 
Alessandra Roemaet
+ 32 4 94 41 31 20