A day with Dagueneau

Selected by De Coninck sommelier Yves Catulle, as a regular preferred choice at Pascal Devalkeneer’s Chalet de la Foret, BIGBOOK were invited to discover the inner workings and complex tastes of the vinyard’s valued vintages

Entering the quaint village of Saint-Andelain, an hour south of Paris, it became immediately apparent that the domaine we were seeking remains unlike the other vineyards in the infamous commune of Pouilly-sur-Loire. With a self-proclaimed address and a legacy that surpasses standards, Domaine Didier Dagueneau, and their annual average production of 60k bottles, retain a global reputation amongst coveted chefs and collectors alike.

Sampling a sultry selection of vintages, Louis Benjamin Dagueneau talks passionately about the legacy of his father’s avant-garde break from the norm and, more importantly, his own views on the importance of growing quality grapes in healthy ground. 

Every element of the production process, from the shape & sourcing of the barrels (elongated to allow for increased surface area) to the position of machinery, is carefully curated and precisely constructed for an optimal harvest.

Louis-Benjamin is proud to show how various flora, fossils and insects play an important part of the soil composition.

Easily recognisable for its flower lined vines and fertile earth (seen below to the left), the Dagueneau blends are a direct product of conscious cultivation of the estate’s 11 hectares - in particular the Cuvee Silex, grown in soil rich in silex flint from where it takes its name.