Sophie’s World

In order to spotlight emerging talent at the Accessible Art Fair this October, jury member and ArtExpert director Sophie Clauwaert has curated a selection of eleven artists across different media, all under the age of 35.

Ifind it important to appreciate the wide range of techniques and styles when curating art” she mentions, “and not just see novelty for novelty’s sake”. Sitting down in her studio’s garden, a tranquil oasis 20 minutes north of Antwerp, BIGBOOK sat down to find out a little more about the people behind the popular Brussels fair - opening its doors to the public 15th October, at Cercle de Lorraine.

Having first completed Art History at ULB in Brussels, Clauwaert carried on her studies at Sotheby’s Institue of Art in London before returning to Belgium to set up ArtExpert - a private Art Consultancy. Although a regular jury member, this is the first year that she has curated her own selection - inspired, in part, by the timelessness of artistic expression. “I was looking for a certain edge, a passion and attitude of involvement, but also one of skill”. The result is a panel of painting and photography from young artists with a story to tell, and she is particularly keen for people to fully appreciate its accessibility. “It’s essential to break the barriers between artists and their audience,” she summarises, “and the possibility to meet artists and to discuss their work in-person makes this fair a must-visit, why it keeps on drawing a crowd of both amateurs and collectors alike”.

Cercle de Lorraine
15 -18 October